About cataract Cases to suffer surgeries in Aweil,N. Bahr el Ghazal

South Sudan’s Unqualified Diocese of Wau in collaboration with the Northern Bahr el Ghazal State health ministry has launched an eye treatment crusade in Aweil Town targeting about cases with cataracts.

The health counsel for the Unqualified Diocese of Wau, Tatiana Gerber, told Niledaily on Thursday that the crusade started on 4th April and will conclude by 12th April 2022.
“The crusade started on the 4th and we operate every day over 100 people and our target is to operate to reduce blindness in the State. The treated people can support the families again, not a burden to the families, and no child has to take care of the eyeless,”he added.

Cases who came for the crusade expressed expedients that they would recapture their vision.
Michael Lual who hails from Aweil North County’s Mayen Ulem Payam said”I come then for the eye treatment and I’ve four times without vision at all. I need to see again, I’m suffering because I do n’t see people.”

Tong Akoon, also a case has appreciated Brigadier General Yel Deng Nguel for his sweats in transporting him from the far east of Aweil East County, Akoong area to Aweil city for the treatment.
“ I came from an area called Majak under Akoong because my eyes were destroyed but someone linked as Yel Maguang (Yel Deng Nguel) has brought me then so that my eyes get operated on,”he said.

“I hope to see again. All I do is sit idle and I can not move from one place to another,”he added.
In December last time, a analogous crusade funded by the German government treated about 500 cataract cases.

Gerber said that according to reports, further than people suffer from eye affections in Norther Bhar el Ghazal State.

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