Torit authorities hand over 100 stolen scapegoats to Hiyalla Payam

Authorities in Torit County of South Sudan’s Eastern Equatoria State Wednesday handed over about 100 scapegoats that were stolen to their due possessors in Hiyalla Payam.

Jacob Attari Albano, Torit County Commissioner says the 100 scapegoats were stolen by youth suspected to be from Haforiere during a raid at the morning of last month.
“We’ve recovered 100 stolen scapegoats from Haforiere and we’re taking them back to Hiyalla. They were stolen from Hiyalla. You remember last time we recovered some thirty herds of cattle from Hiyalla and we gave them back to Haforiere and now is the turn of Haforiere to return the stolen scapegoats to Hiyalla,”he explained.

Commissioner Attari prompted the two communities to cease cattle theft and grasp peaceful concurrence advising that cattle aggressors will face justice.
For his part, Galileo Ohide, the Paramount Chief of Hiyalla payam verified the damage of the scapegoats and said it’s a sign of peace.

Ohide also reiterated calls for peaceful concurrence and said cattle aggressors should be handed over to the government for execution.

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