South Sudan’s President salva kiir received Ms Katja in his office.

South Sudan’s President salva kiir received Ms Katja in his office the two leaders discussed the continuing relationship between South Sudan and Germmy which has been on for such a decades.
Germmy was among the nations who stood with South Sudanese people during their long struggles war in the bush
however Ms Katja who is a Minister of state at the federal foreign announced her country support in the meeting with the president she added that Germmy will continue supporting peace implementation process in South Sudan.
Germmy who was also a part of the international community known as Trioka groups had recently welcomed the deal which was just signed by parties to the agreement furthermore the meeting was also discussed the development of the revitalize peace agreement signed in 2018 through efforts of President Museveni of Uganda and Sudan’s the then the former President Omar Al Bushier
addressing the media Ms Katja confirmed that her country is ready to push South Sudan to achieve peace meanwhile in The meeting was Presidential Affairs Minister Hon Marial Benjamin

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