2021 UN conference in Glasgow Scotland Online meeting

2021 UN conference in Glasgow Scotland
Online meeting,.

The world use for solving the issues of militarization climate change and Climate colonialism. Scotland without the resolve and the ambition that is sorely needed to save lives at the saviour planet how many more voices and how many more pictures of people must we so blind and harding that we can no longer appreciate the craze of humanity.
For many years at many hands make light work today we need the correct mix of voices ambition and action.
When United nation was formed in 1945 but then, the majority world countries here did not exist country like south Sudan where I came from, Now the difference is we want to exist 100years from now and our existence is to mean. Anything then we must act in the interests of all of our people or depending on us. Who was apart of greed and selfishness to sow the seed of a common destruction. Not 2050 which I’ll turned 56years if I,m a life, this choice hands and our people and our planet need it more than ever. Always ready to go because the train is ready to leave and those were not yet ready we need to continue to ring circle and to remind them that they’re people not other people but theirs citizens need them to get on board as soon as possible code to the G20 is what we need to survive. SG is a death sentence for the people of Antigua and barbuda for the people of the Maldives for the people of Dominica and Fiji for the people of Kenya and Mozambique and yes for the people of some more and Barbados. The death sentence I’ll go offline here to day to say try harder try harder because our people the climate army planet needs our actions no not next year not in the next decade thanks you. My current lifestyle to benefit the planet because, what is technology development we have to pay attention to those in bedded inequities 1.5 degrees Celsius. It’s going to be hard. Existing on thing that should transcend our day to politics and normal geopolitics and climate.

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