Ethiopia: Ethnic cleansing happening in Tigray. 

@NileDaily: The International Community organizations want action taken against Ethiopian authorities for allegedly masterminding massive human rights abuses against civilians in ongoing Tigray war.

The International Agencies include Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch released a new report on last Wednesday in Nairobi.

The Agency report report show that crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing is continuing in the country’s western Tigray zone.

According to this report, torture, forcible transfer, rape, sexual slavery and other forms of sexual violence, persecution, enforced disappearances, widespread pillage, imprisonment and possible extermination have been cross examined.

The report further highlights the inhumane acts are happening in darkness as government has barred the media and international players.

However, despite the looming war, administrators in the Western Tigray zone, as well as regional officials and security forces from Ethiopia’s Amhara region, are responsible for a campaign of ethnic cleansing.

The authorities allegedly maintain detention cells of horrendous torture and deadly mistreatment to Tigrayan civilians, since the civil war broke in November 2020.

Also, the report says upto 60 summary executions of Tigrayan men by Amhara Special Forces near the Tekeze River Bridge on January 17, 2021 alone, sexual violence and mass detentions have been recorded.

The detailed report was as a result of a study conducted by the two organisations between December 2020 and March 2022.

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