Residents of Duk county attacked: Deaths reported.

The residents of Duk County in Jonglei State on Wednesday early morning came under furious which left more than 13 people dead and five others injured in a fresh attack which has extreamely woried the leaders.

This state has been under constant attacks claiming more lives, destruction of property, cattle raids and worsenning the already apalling situation of adverse poverty in the state.

The attack has been linked to a group of energetic youths who have taken advantage of the insecurity in the state to raid more cattle and causing deaths.

In an interview, Peter Kuer Diing who is a Payam administrator in Duk County confirmed the unfortunate incident which happened at 12 AM in which 23 people were killed from both sides.

The state police spokesperson, Major Majak Daniel Tuor, confirmed the incident without providing details, saying those who were pursuing the attackers were yet to return although the attakers are suspected to have come from Greater Pabor.

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