South Sudan’s speaker meet the president in his office.

The Speaker of the Transitional Legislation Assembly held a brief discussion with the President Salva Kiir as she told the president about the development of the bill which has been approved by parliament. 

Mrs. Jemma who led the country’s Transitional Legislation Assembly  stressed that the bridge built in constitution amendments as she buffeted that the amendment process has been done by parliament.

Her words buzzed a good sound in the president’s ears and assured the president regarding the security bill and national constitution making process while saying that parliament would possibly finalize the procedures that would lustily the implementation of the peace agreement next week.

Hon Nunu who walked to the parliament on SPLM iG  ticket now leading the forces of all the party MPs in the Transitional Government of national unity which Headed by Kiir and  his deputy Dr Riek Machar and other political parties in the revitalize peace agreement. she was Tthe only woman who blessed with the position of speakership in the male dominated Government.

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