South Sudan Government Struggling to pay salaries.

Civil servants in South Sudan have not been paid for months since the government has run out of funds, with income from oil exports allocated to servicing loans until 2027, the finance minister and affected workers said.

Where does this development leave the country?

With this latest information, worrying signals have been sent to all civil servants who by the way were already affected by the effects of Covid-19. Government employees are demanding salary arrears include members of the security forces, doctors and nurses, according to Finance Minister Agak Achuil.

The Finance Ministry recently paid the November and December salaries but now owes the first four months of 2022.

President Salva Kiir’s government depends on oil proceeds to pay salaries and finance other development projects. Internal revenue sources are not enough to support government expenditure. This clearly signals mixed reactions from the public accusing the leaders of corruption and mismanagement of oil proceeds to funding war materials

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