South Sudan’s Freedom Bridge opens on 19th May.

The Government of South Sudan has  called on citizens to come and witness the event of the official ceremony of the country’s newely  constructed bridge in the capital city.

The opening will be officiating by his Excellency the President of the Republic of South Sudan Salva Kiir according to the information minister Michael Makui who also doubles as a Government spokesperson said the president will be accompanied by  Government ministers at the opening ceremony of the new bridge in the country.

 This is the first bridge in the country since 2010 election which claimed the independence of South Sudan. The country has been depending on old building bridges which built by the Omar Al Bushir generations during his presidency in Sudan when ruling Sudan as a one country including South Sudan.

Early this year the Minister of roads and bridges has declared the accomplishment of the bridge while saying that the construction has so far cost 19 millions USD, freedom bridge was purposely built to span the physical movement of goods and providing opportunities to the citizens and bringing more investors at home.

Hon Makui added that the council of ministers in their meeting discussed the opening of the country’s new building bridge however the bridge will now be officially open 19th May as Minister calls people to turn up on the opening day and celebrate the country’s second building bridge.

The Government also  blamed COVID-19 and war which has been in the country for eight years as  delaying factors to the completion of the bridge.

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