President Kiir travels to Dubai head of Highness Sheikh Khalifa’s Interment .

South Sudanese President Kiir and his accompanying team has flown or United Arab Emirates to attend Dubai’s former President’s state funeral in the Dubai’s commercial capital city Abu Dhabi.

The president earlier last month visited United Arab Emirates for diplomatic visit seeking foreign investments for South Sudan.

Kiir sent his official condolence letter on Friday 13th before he decided to attend the function in person, and to console with the people on the untimely loss of their president. The Presidents regular visits to the world’s largest export market, draws a strong political relationship between two countries, that saw Abu Dhabi earmark it’s resources to support South Sudan in the development sector including infrastructure.

Despite the country’s historical day, 16th May which was the day (SPLA ) commonly known as Sudan people liberation army was formed in 1983 under the leadership of Dr John Garang’s leadership who singed a comprehensive peace agreement with Sudan government in 2005 in Kenya.

The historic day of 16th May was announced as a public holiday countrywide as the country celebrates. The president was seen off yesterday at the airport by his  deputy Dr Riek Machar who has never been allowed to travel aboard since he came to Juba.

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