Youth Leader Summoned over the Killings of Wild Animals in Jonglei State.

The tourism sector in South Sudan is constantly under threat from unknown poachers who have silently killed wild animals in the country and made away with huge sums of money in the illegal trade of wildlife. For this reason, the Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism has summoned the Akobo youth leader to protest recent killing of several wild animals in Akobo County of Jonglei state.

The incident that caused great out roar highly trended on 26 May when photos surfaced online showing three armed men beside dead wild animals including an Elephant, a giraffe, and a buffalo.

Late last month, images of dead wild animals that were posted under the name Kim Wiyual shocked social media users who demanded tougher action against poaching. This has prompted the Ministry for Wildlife Conservation and Tourism to swiftly swing into action by summoning the youth leader since most of these acts are being carried out by the youths in the Akobo area.

Investigations have commenced into this unfolding cartel in organized crimes to unleash the perpetrators undermining the tourism sector in South Sudan.

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